5 Customer Service Tips for Computer Repair Business Owners

Owning a computer repair business means not only knowing how to fix and repair computers, it also means making sure you client’s are happy.  Too often this gets ignored and these tips will help you grow your business.  They’re not hard to do and once you get into the habit of doing them, you’ll see great results.

Tip # 1 – Always return phone calls and email messages in a timely manner. 

It seems like such an obvious practice, but I’ve added people to my client list because of this very reason.  “I called my computer repair guy last week and haven’t heard from him – can you help me?!”  Because I respond right away and take care of their issues when needed, I reap the reward.

Tip # 2 – Never argue with a client

This is a losing battle.  If you want to prove you’re right, you might do it at the cost of losing them as a client.  That doesn’t mean they’re always right and you’re always wrong, but there’s no need to get into this back-and-forth.

Tip # 3 – Show Genuine Concern

Treat clients how you would want to be treated.  Be interested in what they have to say.  Show them you care about what’s going on with their situation and want to help them.

Tip # 4 – Smile (even if you are talking to them over the phone)

Tis a huge one for me.  No matter what kind of mood you’re in, be sure to smile big when talking with a client.  It will definitely come through over the phone (and of course in person too.)

Tip #5 – Be a good listener

People need to be heard.  Sit back and let them do the talking.  Then take action on what they say and show them you were actually paying attention!


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