Setting Up Your Computer Repair Website - How to Start a Computer Repair Business

Setting Up Your Computer Repair Business Website

Getting online with a website for your computer repair business is a must.  I’m always surprised when I meet a computer consultant who either doesn’t have a website at all…

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Start Your Computer Repair Business - Who Are Your Clients

Who are your Clients?

You need to determine who your clients are.  This is usually small businesses or home users and their related demographics.  I’ve found that small businesses are great clients.  I like…

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Your Computer Repair Buisiness – First Steps

What is the first step in getting your business going?  You may think it’s getting a website built, printing flyers, buying a new desk and chair, upgrading your computer and…

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5 Customer Service Tips for Computer Repair Business Owners

Owning a computer repair business means not only knowing how to fix and repair computers, it also means making sure you client’s are happy.  Too often this gets ignored and…

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