Choosing a Computer Repair Business Name

Choosing a Computer Repair Business Name

Choosing a good computer repair business name is important.  My original business name wasn’t a very good one.  People didn’t understand it, didn’t know what my business was about and what it’s purpose was, couldn’t remember it and were always confusing it with a nationwide cellphone carrier.  To pick it, I literally put a handful of names in a hat and drew one out – and that became my business name.  Big mistake.

After six years (six!) I finally decided to change it.  I had about 5 potential names in mind.  I sent the names out to friends, family and clients to see which one they liked best.  I thought this would be a great way to narrow it down.  Wrong again.  Everyone had their favorite.  There wasn’t one that stood out.  I quickly found out I couldn’t please everyone and I was never going to find my “perfect” name.  So I picked my favorite and moved on.

Pick a Name that Makes Sense

Changing my business name to something more simple and generic really helped a lot.  It helped my website on search engines and it helped my current and potential clients understand what my business was about.  An easy way to get a name is to have three parts:

“City” + Computer + “Description”

For example, “Phoenix Computer Repair”.  “Orlando Computer Maintenance”.  “Lakewood Computer Services”.  Search engines seem to like it and people can easily understand what your business is about.  Additionally, you can add a tagline to add more description:

“Small Business Computer Specialists” or “On-site Computer Repair and Networking”

One reason why this is better is you don’t have to educate your client base as to what your business name means.  It’s too expensive to brand a name that doesn’t already explain what the business is about.

A good way to see if a name is available is to see if the domain name is already taken.  You’ll need a website eventually and you definitely want your business name and domain name to match.

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Don’t Name the Business After Yourself

Naming your business after yourself has the same problems as picking a random name and creates more problems:

1 – Your name still wont’ describe what your business does.

2 – Your name could be hard to pronounce, especially if you combine it with another word.

3 – When clients call for service, they will expect to talk to the owner and will only want the owner do the work needed.  This might be fine at first, but if you ever want to expand, it could be a problem.

4 – Selling your business down the road won’t be as easy if it’s named after you.  If you ever want to sell, and the business is named after you, you leave your name behind along with your reputation.

While picking out a name that works is important, don’t let it slow down your effort on starting your business.  Get one picked out on move on to other parts of your business.  Once you have a name picked out it’s time for the next step:

Protect Yourself and Your Business – Get Insurance

Setting Up Your Computer Repair Business Website