How to Deal with an Angry Client

In any business you are going to come across challenges.  One of those will be angry clients.  Learning how to deal with them is a skill anyone running a computer repair business must learn.  Here are some tips.

1 – Try to understand

Put yourself in their shoes and try see it from their point of view.  This problem might seem minor to you, but could be huge for them.  Understanding where they’re coming from and why they’re upset will help you to better understand the situation.

2 – Listen. Don’t Hurry Them.

Don’t interrupt and try to solve the problem immediately.  Don’t argue with them and try to not let anything else interrupt the conversation – give them all of your attention. 

Ask them to show you exactly what happened and what’s going on – “Please tell me why you’re upset” or “Let’s see what happened here…”.  Show them that you are trying understand their situation and what the problem is.  Be patient with them and allow them to explain their concern.

3 – Watch what you say

Stay calm and don’t talk down to them or belittle them.  Don’t turn this into an argument. 

4 – Apologize

Seems easy enough, right?  You’ll be surprised how hard this is for some.  This is an important step to do and can easily change the mood quickly.  “I’m sorry this happened and I will take care of it”.

5 – Offer a solution and follow through

Now that you understand what the problem is and how the client wants it handled, time to take action.  Come up with a plan how to best handle their concern.  Explain to them what you plan to do how this will solve the problem.  If you can do it right away, great.  If not, give them a game plan and the steps you plan to take and start working on the solution.

6 – Follow up

Be sure to call them or send them an email.  Even if you think the problem is solved and there’s nothing left to do.  This will go a long way, especially if it turns out something still isn’t quite right.