Your Number 1 Marketing Tool – Business Cards

Start a Computer Repair Business - Business Cards

If you haven’t done so already head over to 123 Print and order business cards now.  Even if you don’t have a business name, logo, website or domain name picked out.  You can always order different cards later when you have these other items in place.

Business cards are the number one tool to getting new clients.  You should always keep cards in your wallet and in your car.  Keep your business cards easy to read and straight-forward.  You don’t need a fancy business name or colors.  All you need is a card with your name, email, phone number and a list of services you offer.  When you list your services on your card, be sure to use language non-techie people will understand.  Be sure to list ALL of the services you offer.  You’d be surprised how many times I’ve heard “Oh, I didn’t know you removed viruses…I thought you just fixed computers.”  Well, to me fixing computers includes virus removal.  But “fixing” can mean something different to everyone.

Below is an example of a (basic) business card you can reference.  It’s simple, easy to read and has a list of services so people know exactly what you do.

Start a Computer Repair Business - Business Cards






It doesn’t have to be anything more than this, especially if you’re just getting started.  Later you can add more content as you get it – website, business phone number, tagline, logo, etc.

Listing the services you offer is important (and easy to do).  You don’t want your clients guessing as to what you can do for them.

123 Print let’s you either upload your own custom design or choose from one of their templates.  I design my own in Photoshop and upload it to their site as a PNG file.  But for your first cards it easy enough to just use their online design software.

The back of my cards are blank, but this could be a great place to put client testimonials or special offers.

One important aspect that I never overlook is the weight, or thickness, of the card.  This is huge with first impressions.  People notice what your cards feel like.  They can can tell if you printed them out at home on cheap, thin paper.  Be sure to get at least 80 lb weight – but 100 lb is even better.

So get busy and order business cards!  It won’t take long create a design and get it ordered.   I will be uploading a free PSD template for business cards in the near future for you to download – so check back often!