Why Start a Computer Repair Business?

Why Start a Computer Repair Business?  Everyone will have their reasons for starting any sort of business.  I started mine for flexibility – more time to be with my kids.  A life changing event made it necessary that I be more available for them.  With my 8 to 5 job.

Start Your Computer Repair Business - Who Are Your Clients

Who are your Clients?

You need to determine who your clients are.  This is usually small businesses or home users and their related demographics.  I’ve found that small businesses are great clients.  I like to target businesses with 10 or less PCs (some of my clients have ~20 PCs, including the server). While I.

How to Remove a Computer Virus - Start Your Computer Repair Business

How to Remove a Virus

Viruses are a huge headache!  A computer infected with a virus (or malware, spyware, etc.) is something I see often and can cause major problems – everything from slowing your computer to a crawl to taking over your web browser or even your whole computer.  Removing a virus infection can seem.

Starting a Computer Repair Business

In today’s world of ever-changing technology, the need for individuals that can help with installing software, upgrading hardware pieces and even protecting your system from network threats is increasingly important. The skills of those in the computer-related industry can vary significantly, depending on the current trends, working knowledge and training..

Delivering Great Customer Service

When Starting a Computer Repair Business – Delivering Great Customer Service is essential! Otherwise, you are just wasting your time and the business won’t be successful. You may have plenty of knowledge about how to repair computers, but if you don’t treat people well, they aren’t going to turn to.

How to Deal with an Angry Client

In any business you are going to come across challenges.  One of those will be angry clients.  Learning how to deal with them is a skill anyone running a computer repair business must learn.  Here are some tips. 1 – Try to understand Put yourself in their shoes and try see it.