Why Start a Computer Repair Business?

Why Start a Computer Repair Business?  Everyone will have their reasons for starting any sort of business.  I started mine for flexibility – more time to be with my kids.  A life changing event made it necessary that I be more available for them.  With my 8 to 5 job this wasn’t possible.

Another reason was money.  At the time, my paychecks at my job were being delayed 6 weeks or more because of cash flow problems at the company I was with.  Like anyone else I had bills to pay and this wasn’t working.

The delayed paycheck problem had been going on for over a year.  This helped condition me to managing my money much better and I believe it helped me a lot when I started my business.

So here are a few reasons for starting a computer repair business.

Reason #1 – Extra Income

You don’t have to quit your job to start your computer repair business.  If you can manage it well, you can easily make extra money on the side.  I did this before and during my full-time tech job.  I typically worked a few evenings a week and some Saturdays.  My salary from my job plus the income from my own clients helped a lot.  Plus I was able to continue to build up my client base.

When working directly for the client you can charge what you feel you’re worth.  You need to charge enough to cover your “overhead” (gas, vehicle maintenance, insurance, telephone, etc.) and make money on top of that.  Too many times I see people have way too low of a rate and end up upside down on services calls – it almost like paying the client to do work instead of the other way around.  But done right, you can have extra money to save for a vacation, replace that leaky dishwasher or pay down credit card debt.

Reason #2 – Flexible schedule

Like I said earlier, this was a big one for me.  Being able to schedule service calls at my discretion helped me manage the rest of my busy life.  I was able to take care of my kids when they were sick, pick them up from school, attend school functions, etc.  All stuff I couldn’t do, or was very difficult to do, when working a normal 40 hour per week job.  So I quit and starting working for myself full-time.

There will be some cases where the client will need work done a certain day and at a certain time and they won’t have much flexibility.  Usually, though, you can work with the client to setup a time that works best for both of you.

It’s nice to, every once in a while, take a day off in the middle of the week.  Or plan an extended weekend.  Sometimes I’ll take the day off and work in the evening.  Having the choice to do this is great.  But if you want to work 80 hours a week and really get your business going you can do that too.

Reason #3 – Run your business they way you want to run it

Have a great marketing idea?  Want to raise rates?  Is your website stuck in the 90’s?  Well, you can do something about it!  I’ll have to admit, it’s nice to be the boss in be in control of what your business does and how it looks.  The IT repair shop I used to work for still doesn’t have a website.  That’s something that really bugged me.

Another thing was the way invoicing was handled.  They only billed every 6 to 12 months!  That hurts cash flow in a huge way.  But, as an employee, I had not control over it.  Now I have a set billing method and keep a close eye on my accounting – and my website, marketing and everything in between.

These are just three reasons for starting your own computer repair business.  I started my business part-time and recommend doing it that way.  This gives you time to get enough clients to support yourself, if and when, you decide to go full-time.  Of course, you don’t have to quit your job.  A part-time business could be great thing.

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